9 of the Most Satisfying Deaths in Fiction, Ranked

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#3: Bellatrix Lestrange from 'Harry Potter'

Was I hoping Neville would get to kill Bellatrix? Sure. Am I glad he got to kill the snake instead, thus rendering Voldemort mortal so Harry could finish him off? Absolutely. Could he have killed both Bellatrix and the snake? Probably. Where was I going with this? I don’t remember. Give me a second.

Oh, right! Sure, it would’ve been nice if Neville had gotten the chance to kill the woman who tortured his parents, but it also seems fitting that Molly Weasley—kind, loving, motherly Molly Weasley, a blood traitor and the very antithesis of Bellatrix—got to show everyone what she’d do to protect her children, thereby completing the trifecta of mothers (along with Lily Evans and Narcissa Malfoy) whose love was more powerful than Voldemort’s brand of hate.

So she killed Bellatrix, Voldemort’s best lieutenant. And she did it with the badass one-liner heard round the world. Incredible.

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