9 of the Most Satisfying Deaths in Fiction, Ranked



#8: Joffrey Baratheon from 'A Song of Ice and Fire'

In the show, Joffrey is a sixteen-year-old monster, a sadist, and a tyrant who delights in the misery of others. In the books, he’s little more than a thirteen-year-old bully, albeit one who enjoys torturing animals. 

Okay, so he’s still pretty awful. There are very few thirteen-year-olds who are suited to wielding absolute power (and I’m including myself in that, mostly because I was too scared to order at Subway much less rule a country) but I think we can all agree Joffrey is the worst of them. 

And yet as terrible as book!Joffrey is throughout the course of his very short life, the satisfaction of his death is tempered somewhat by the fact that 1) he’s just a child, 2) Tyrion is implicated in his murder, and also 3) the remaining Stark children are robbed of the chance kill him themselves, thus avenging their fallen family members.

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