9 of the Most Satisfying Deaths in Fiction, Ranked

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#1: Voldemort from 'Harry Potter'

This death was seven whole books in the making, so you better believe it had to deliver. And did it ever! Objectively speaking, there is nothing more satisfying than watching a noseless, child-murdering tyrant finally die after a decades-long pursuit for immortality. And not only does Voldemort DIE, like some kind of dumb, mortal idiot, but he gets hit by his own rebounded Killing Curse and his body hits the ground with an anticlimactic thud. 

Most major villain deaths require fanfare. Explosions, fireworks, a timely tumble off a cliff. Voldemort, however, goes out not with a bang but with a whimper, and it’s perfect. There’s NOTHING he would have hated more. I read this for the first time in 2007, and I’ve been fist pumping ever since.

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