Shakespeare Couples, Ranked from Most to Least Dysfunctional

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#4: Macbeth & Lady Macbeth

They JUST missed out on the podium finish—and you might be wondering why they aren't higher in the rankings. Early on, it looks as though these two make the most dynamic of couples. While Macbeth, thanks to military success and witchy prophecy (plus being a man) is on a steep career trajectory, Lady Macbeth is wildly ambitious. She takes all that potential in Macbeth’s social position and kicks it into overdrive. Pushing all Macbeth’s doubt aside, she has him kill and usurp the King, and kill the framed suspects and the families of rivals.

Sadly, those that burn brightest burn out, and the Macbeths’ moment in the sun is short-lived. They begin losing their grasp on reality, and when Lady Macbeth takes her own life, Macbeth's response is essentially: "y'all, chill."

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