QUIZ: How Compatible Are You and Mr. Darcy?

QUIZ: How Compatible Are You and Mr. Darcy?

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Mr. Darcy is the masculine ideal and a literary heartthrob. I would love to date him not only for those reasons, but also because he is socially awkward and has been dragged kicking and screaming to every party he has ever been to. That’s something we have in common.

But is it enough? I sometimes wonder if Mr. Darcy and I would be romantically compatible, or if we would simply go on a few mediocre dates and never text each other again. And if I’m wondering this, I’m sure other people are wondering it, too.

Let’s find out who among us would be compatible with Mr. Darcy.

1. I am exceptionally bad at talking about my feelings.

2. My default state is "quietly nervous."

3. My verbal communication skills are very poor; I prefer to send texts or write letters.

4. I am an adequate and enthusiastic dance partner.

5. People frequently refer to me as "easygoing, chatty, and affectionate."

6. No one has ever, not even once, mistaken my shyness for rudeness. It just doesn't happen.

7. I have high standards for friends, and even higher standards for significant others.

8. I often rush to judgment, with unfortunate consequences.

9. I find most social situations uncomfortable and distressing.

10. I tend to fall in love with enchanting women who are slightly mean to me.

11. I will do anything just short of setting myself on fire to avoid attending parties populated solely with acquaintances I barely know.

12. I’m very good at small talk. I can talk small for hours if need be.

13. I prefer relationships based on shared interests and mutual respect.

14. I find most people to be socially intolerable.

15. Given the choice, I would almost always prefer to be reading.

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