The 7 Most Underrated Heartthrobs in Fiction

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On the whole, I prefer hot people in literature over hot people in real life. Hot people in literature can never disappoint me, whereas hot people in real life disappoint me constantly.

Example: I’ll see a guy, develop an all-consuming crush on him based on nothing other than the fact that he’s tall, and immediately imagine our future together. In return, he’ll say “I think dinosaurs are a hoax” or “I’m just not a dessert person” or “Not to sound sexist, BUT” right out of the gate. Where do I go from there? Back to crushing on fictional characters is where.

(I also need to stop having crushes on people just because they’re tall. I see that now.)

There are some fictional characters that are generally agreed upon to be heartthrobs. Mr. Darcy. Gilbert Blythe. Sirius Black. Aragorn. But what about the heartthrobs that fly under the radar? What about the forgotten ones, the unsung heroes of literary canon that are not quite as in-your-face with their hotness but are, nevertheless, extremely hot? Today, let’s talk about them.

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