Pick 5 Scary Movies and We'll Tell You What You Should Be for Halloween

Pick 5 Scary Movies and We'll Tell You What You Should Be for Halloween

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You need a Halloween costume. None of this “ehhh, I’ll just stay home and pass out candy” business. Do you think all the spooky weirdos who came before you did what they did so that you could do something as boring as pass out candy?

Do you think Lord Bryon made some dude’s skull into a chalice so you could sit on your butt and watch Hocus Pocus? Do you think Mary Shelley had sex on her mother’s grave and turned her husband’s calcified heart into a keepsake so you could eat candy corn in your sweatpants? And what about Edgar Allan Poe? Do you think the guy died under mysterious circumstances so that you could go to bed at 10 PM without having roamed the neighborhood in disguise under the light of a full moon? God no!

You need a Halloween costume, and you need one now. It’s what they would have wanted. I think we owe them this much.

1. Pick a movie that always used to play on ABC Family's "13 Nights of Halloween."

2. Pick a scary movie from the 80s.

3. Pick a recent horror movie.

4. Pick a scary movie that you saw when you were way too young.

5. Pick a psychological thriller.

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