10 Tips for Writing A Common App Essay That Colleges Will LOVE

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Imagine you go to a movie with your cranky grandma, goofy dad, cocky older brother, annoying younger sister, genius best friend, clueless neighbor, and latest crush, and every one of you loved it. When you step out of the theater, the raving begins. Now imagine that someone records this explosion, transcribes it, and hands you a script of the conversation without identifying who said what.

Think you could assign each line of dialogue to its speaker? No doubt you could, because even when eight people express approval of the same thing, they all do it differently. Every person has his or her own vocabulary, grammar, rhythm, humor, edge, and colorful or understated way of expressing him- or herself. In other words, everyone has a distinct voice.

When a good-natured student named Cole opened his essay with a story about his car breaking down, he did so in his own easy-going voice.  “I am cruising down the freeway in the ’71 Nova I just bought with my entire life’s savings when I hear a loud pop followed by banging. Right off, I know my tire has blown. Though I have not had the Nova for long, she is not lovin’ me tonight.”

When ambitious Jackson wrote his essay about working on a secluded trail while volunteering on a wilderness crew, he did so in his own intellectual voice: “The section was an absolute mess when we arrived, the trail itself being an overgrown, rutted, root-filled, eroded, steep, and generally unsafe travesty of trail-building and maintenance.”

After reading their essays, if you spoke with Cole and Jackson, you’d know in less than a minute who is who, because you’d recognize their voices.

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