10 Tips for Writing A Common App Essay That Colleges Will LOVE

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 Once you’ve figured out your story, take time to think about how to open your essay. Use these early words to grab your reader’s attention, pull them into your unique world, and make a great first impression. Aim to open with energy, conviction, mystery, suspense, wonder, humor, and/or boldness.

Sample openings:

-There is no better feeling than the excitement and exhilaration of running the ball down the field; it is that fleeting moment of weightlessness, even godliness, when you fly past opponents through sheer strength or cunning dexterity.

-Standing barefoot on the white sand, surrounded by my extended ohana, I mimic the graceful sway of my cousin’s hips.

-Weathered, beat up, an octagonal stick with a sand-papery feel; six feet tall, like me, but with a stiff white scoop and malleable net; just holding it fills me with adrenaline and joy.

-On the day I was born, I won the lottery.

-I am going to be the general manager of the New York Yankees.

-When I lie awake in the middle of the night, I think about shoes. 

-Dear Mom, it’s been six years since I last saw you, and so much has happened.

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