Edgar Allan Poe Stories Reimagined as Modern YA Novels

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Annabel Lee

Every night, I lie in her tomb by the side of the sea, for that is the punishment bestowed upon me.

Moriel is a young and brash seraph who doesn’t agree with the rulings of the Seraphim, so he leaves the heavens for the mortal realms. What he hopes to achieve is wisdom. What he finds instead is a puzzling mortal girl by the side of the sea.

Annabel Lee only wants adventure and an escape from the stifling boredom of court. What she doesn’t expect is to meet a peculiar stranger she can’t stop thinking about—one that makes her feel, curiously, as if all of heaven are watching them.

They know they aren’t supposed to fall in love, but they can’t help something that’s written in the stars. And so begins the judgment of the seraphs as they try to prevent the ancient prophecy from coming true and unfurling its wrath upon the mortal world.

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