Edgar Allan Poe Stories Reimagined as Modern YA Novels

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The Oval Portrait

The Apennines: a pensive place where anything can be found, if one only takes the time to look. 

That is why renowned ancient treasure thieves Felicia and Pedro are there. They are searching for someone who can help them with their biggest heist yet—someone who can paint the life out of a person by transferring their consciousness into a painting… someone called the Painter. He could give them the kind of access to the royal palace that heretofore they’ve scarcely dared to dream of.

The Painter, however, has no plans to offer up his services to anyone. It is true that he took the life of his young bride years ago, but that was before he knew he had the gift. Her death has haunted him ever since. So, when Felicia offers to help him return his bride to life, the Painter has no choice but to agree. But what will the heist mean for the Apennines as well as the rest of the world?

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