Edgar Allan Poe Stories Reimagined as Modern YA Novels



The Bells

There is one rule in this town: if you hear the iron bells, run.

On the day the ghouls came through the ancient portals, all merriment disappeared. The twinkling sounds of the bells froze in the air and in their stead, screams rose up. Anne was twelve at the time but she still remembers the all-consuming pain. She also remembers her father being plucked up by the ghouls and carried off into the icy sky. He didn’t scream.

Five years later, humans are building up a resistance against the ghouls and Anne is one of the ten volunteers trained to go beyond the wall. The goal is to reach the capital and bring help but for that, the volunteers have to survive the forest and the terrible tolling of the iron bells. Will they succeed or will they fall victim to the very thing they’re trying to defeat?

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