Edgar Allan Poe Stories Reimagined as Modern YA Novels

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Revenge chooses its wielder, not the other way around, and Hop-Frog, an unwilling court jester and a deformed dwarf, has always feared that he just isn’t capable of executing the punishment his captor of seven years deserves. 

When he was ten years old, Hop-Frog was stolen from his home in the Wild Lands and presented to the Human King as an offering from one of his generals. If not for Trippetta, a girl from a province neighboring his, Hop-Frog would have gone mad. But now, he has to do everything in his power to save Trippetta and himself from the cruel jokes of the King and his court. When a perfect opportunity presents itself in the form of a masquerade, Hop-Frog and Trippetta must seize the moment or lose their chance at freedom forever.

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