Edgar Allan Poe Stories Reimagined as Modern YA Novels

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The Premature Burial

For a thousand years, the world has been ruled by the Nameless creature, who feeds on the sacrifices left to him by the lowly and the desperate. Sacrifices that are largely made up of people buried alive. Then, when hope truly begins to fade, a sixteen-year-old boy betrayed by his closest friends finds it again in his tomb. William overcomes his crippling fears and gains the powers of a Sleeper. Now he can hear those buried alive and save them before the Nameless creature can take their lives and strengthen its hold on this world. 

Determined to take the creature down, Will begins putting together a team made up of other Sleepers: wealthy aristocrat Victorine Lafourcade, poor Parisian journalist Julien Bossuet, and a street urchin named Edward Stapleton. Together they must save the world from the ultimate despot or die trying. 

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