Edgar Allan Poe Stories Reimagined as Modern YA Novels

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The Tell-Tale Heart

One day, I woke up not as myself.

Fifteen-year-old Stefan is a well-behaved servant at the Oldmans’ house. That is, until the day he wakes up with senses sharpened beyond what he thought was possible. He begins to see and hear things no one else can. The doctors call it a disease—but he knows better. Things come to haunt him in the night, and the vulture eye of Mr. Oldman watches him from the shadows. Waiting. Plotting.

So Stefan kills him.

Still, Mr. Oldman’s heart keeps beating.

That’s when three men arrive, claiming to be officers of the law. But they aren’t officers at all. They’re members of a secret government department hell-bent on using Stefan and his newfound abilities to see into the shadowy heart of evil for their own benefit.

Who’s Stefan to trust?

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