Edgar Allan Poe Stories Reimagined as Modern YA Novels

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The Raven

Lenore always spoke of the strange land of Nevermore, and Eric never believed her.

At eighteen, life shouldn’t be a miserable hell. However, that’s exactly what it feels like for Eric Deponcy after losing Lenore. The two of them were soulmates. He should have been there for her on the nights she stayed home to avoid the darkness. Should have listened to her when she spoke of tiny creatures on the streets. Should have believed her when she whispered to him of things impossible. She always said she would die young. But she also said they’d see each other again—was that true too?

In his darkest hour, a storm brings to him a talking raven who seems to understand his every thought. Is it an omen that Lenore is alive and calling for Eric from the strange land he keeps dreaming about, or is it a devil come to drive him mad?

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