The 7 Most Awkward Moments in Classic Literature, Ranked

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#7: Nick Carraway being the third wheel

Have you ever been really nervous before a date? I know I have. You get there, you’re sweaty, you hear them knock on the door and then jump out the window in a panic—you know, normal stuff. 

In The Great Gatsby, Nick invites Daisy over. Problem is, Daisy doesn’t know Gatsby’s going to be there, which has Gatsby feeling all kinds of agitated. When Daisy arrives, Nick leads her into the drawing room only to find that Gatsby has disappeared. A moment later, there’s another knock on the door. It’s Gatsby, soaking wet, having panic-climbed out the window and into the rain. Daisy is shocked, to say the least. The conversation is stilted. Somewhere in there Gatsby knocks over a clock. The whole thing is so awkward that Nick decides to give them some privacy, so he goes outside and stands in his own backyard for half an hour.

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