QUIZ: Are You Dating a Vampire?

QUIZ: Are You Dating a Vampire?

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Do you think you might be dating a vampire? Yes? No? Maybe? Look, nobody ever THINKS they're dating a vampire—not until they look up vampires on Google and realize it all makes sense now.

1. How often does your significant other sleep during the day?

2. Is your significant other inexplicably wealthy?

3. How does your significant other feel about garlic bread?

4. What’s the favorite subject in school?

5. Would you say your significant other is physically strong?

6. Do they have a reflection?

7. What about a shadow?

8. Are they able to cross running water unassisted?

9. Can they scale vertical walls with relative ease?

10. Do they appear weaker in sunlight?

11. Which of the following best describes their living quarters?

12. Do they strike fear into the hearts of horses?

13. Does your significant other seem to have an affinity for animals such as rats, wolves, and lizards? Do they hold dominion over them? Can they force them to obey their every command?

14. Can they manipulate the weather and call forth such weather events as fogs, storms, and ominous mist?

15. Can they explode into a thousand live bats on a whim?

16. The first time they ever came over, did they enter uninvited, or did you foolishly welcome them into your home with nary a thought for the consequences?

17. Are you beginning to suspect they are the undead prince of Wallachia recalled from death by way of black magic, unable to find peace until you, their intended victim, drive a wooden stake or cold iron through their heart and free them from the joyless, insatiable existence in which they toil?

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