These Twitter Mistakes Might Affect Your Chances of Getting Into Your Dream College

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You know that "permanent record" teachers and principals are always referring to? It's not that permanent: it actually won't follow you beyond high school. These days, social media serves as our real permanent record. It's true that you can edit or delete when you make mistakes or mess up, but it can be hard to catch them before the tweet or post has been shared. Before this happens to you, take a look at a few preventable Twitter mistakes that are undermining how smart you look online.

Just getting a handle on a few basics about homophones (words that sound the same) can make a big difference. What's the difference between they're, their, and there? Or your and you're? What about its and it's? These kinds of mistakes not only make your social media posts look sloppy, but they also will come back to haunt you on the SAT or ACT (and, of course, in the real world).

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