Every Shakespeare Play Summed Up in a Quote from The Office



I know a lot of stuff about exactly two things: Shakespeare, and The Office. That’s it. That’s my entire pool of knowledge. I majored in the first one, and I’ve rewatched all 9 seasons of The Office somewhere in the neighborhood of 12,000 times, so I basically majored in that, too.

Shakespeare sometimes gets a bad rap for being lengthy, boring, and outdated, so I have made it my mission in life to explain his stuff in a way that is none of those things. I’ve done Shakespeare Plays Summed Up in a Single SentenceShakespeare Plays Summed Up in Pie Charts, even Shakespeare Plays Summed Up in The Onion Headlines. And now? Well, now I’m doing it in a way that involves the only two things that I will ever truly love: old Billy Shakespeare, and Dunder-Mifflin.

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