NEVER FORGET: The Most Questionable Celebrity Halloween Costumes of All Time



You have a mere 18 days left to procure a genius Halloween costume that says "I go for intelligent concepts" but also "doesn't this furry tail accentuate my hips in the BEST WAY?" so for inspirational purposes, we are bringing you ALL THE QUESTIONABLE CELEBRITY COSTUMES of the recent past (I am not going beyond 2012. I will not.). 

I'm happy to say we've unearthed some questionable old Rupert Grint, questionable old Tom Felton, and questionable anything-Miley Cyrus has ever worn. Elizabeth Banks is also in here but her costume is not in the least bit questionable because she is a goddess. Also, stay tuned for the MOST questionable Liam Hemsworth costume of all time (even he doesn't know what the deal is).

Happy All Hallows Eve!

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