What "Hot" Means to Girls VS What "Hot" Means to Guys

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So if I'm a dude, what should I do?

Basically, play to your strengths. Guys who look like Captain America can fling woo at whatever woman they want and make them weak in the knees, and they can topple them right over with one smoldering glance, or, failing that, by throwing a shield at them. But that doesn't mean that the rest of us, with our roundy faces and mopey demeanors, are doomed to wander the terrible Earth alone forever. It just means we have to work with what we've got—features that women associate with faithfulness, warmer personalities, and better parenting. Thanks to how forgiving girls are with their definitions of hotness, you don't need to be a vigorous Adonis—you will, however, have more success with sentiments like "I care about you as a person," than "Hey fancyface, meet me in the broom closet."

This slideshow was previously published in February 2017

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