QUIZ: How Perfect Is Your Grammar?

QUIZ: How Perfect Is Your Grammar?

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Basically, are you a Hermione or a Ron when it comes to the nuances of the English language?

This quiz was originally published in December 2016

1. Which of these phrases is correct?

2. What is grammatically incorrect about the popular meme "It me"?

3. Which sentence is correct?

4. Which sentence is correct?

5. Which word or phrase completes the following sentence: Oliver Wood is the person ___ most overlooked in the Harry Potter universe.

6. Hester Prynne had the potential to go much ___ in her career than she actually did.

7. Wickham is the person ___ your parents warned you about.

8. Which sentence is written in an active voice?

9. Fill in the blank: The catnip had quite the ____ on their pet; she rolled around in it and then slept for seven hours.

10. Fill in the blanks: I changed ___ Twitter bio for you. ___ welcome.

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