5 Shakespeare Villains You Really Wouldn't Want As An Enemy

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We all have enemies—mine include my neighbor’s dog, Tuesday mornings, and complex carbohydrates—but every so often, we stumble upon something or someone so evil and twisted that we're filled with relief when we realize they only exist in fiction.

Great writers have conjured seriously devilish enemies for many our favorite protagonists—Sherlock Holmes' nemesis, the psychotically unhingedundeniably charismatic Professor Moriarty, continues to haunt us—but William Shakespeare's villains almost always take the top spots in our "People we would very much like to never, ever meet" bracket. He created characters so ruthless, cunning, and vindictive that their deeds make Voldemort look relatively tame by comparison–and at the same time, many of them were flawed and damaged in very human and distressingly relatable ways. Read on for 5 of the bard's most nefarious anti-heroes, and then take a moment to feel profound gratitude that you'll never run into any of them in a dark alley. Or a well-lit alley. No alleys with any of these people, ever. That's the ideal scenario.

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