The 17 Worst Texts to Accidentally Send Your Crush



Sending a text to your crush that was meant for someone else (i.e. your best friend, your mom, your dentist) is like one of the top 5 ways to accidentally ruin a relationship, right above "burping into their mouth mid-kiss" and right below "just flat-out setting their cat on fire."

Now, MOST of the following disaster messages are fake texts over which we can share a hearty guffaw, secure in the knowledge that they have never happened to any of us. HOWEVER. One of these is a real, actual text that I once accidentally sent to a real, actual crush, in the great Shakespearean tragedy that is my love life. Can you guess which one it is before I reveal all on the final slide? If you're thinking, "ELODIE, I CAN SPOT YOUR BRAND OF OFF-PUTTING, CRINGE-WORTHY EMBARRASSMENT A MILE AWAY," well, you're probably right.

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