QUIZ: Is This a Lord Byron Poem or a Fall Out Boy Song?

QUIZ: Is This a Lord Byron Poem or a Fall Out Boy Song?

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Do you know the difference between Lord Byron and Fall Out Boy? On paper, this seems obvious. One was a nineteenth-century British poet, and the other is a twenty-first century pop-punk band. 

When you’re looking at their respective works, however, it gets a little less obvious. Everything Fall Out Boy is currently releasing on vinyl sounds like something Lord Byron could have written on a scrap of paper in a Parisian brothel mid-romp. In fact, I’m reasonably sure Fall Out Boy could have released a song called “Lines Inscribed Upon a Cup Formed from a Skull,” and the only reason they haven’t done so is because Lord Byron did it first.

1. "Love’s Last Adieu."

2. "From Now On We Are Enemies."

3. "My Soul is Dark."

4. "Sun of the Sleepless."

5. "We Were Doomed from the Start (The King is Dead)."

6. "One Struggle More, and I Am Free."

7. "Curse of Minerva."

8. "Love, Sex, Death."

9. "The Last of the Real Ones."

10. "The Mighty Fall."

11. "Stanzas Composed During a Thunderstorm."

12. "Lullabye."

13. "On the Death of a Young Lady."

14. "The Pros and Cons of Breathing."

15. "She Walks in Beauty."

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