QUIZ: What Vibe Do You Give Off?

QUIZ: What Vibe Do You Give Off?


Do you give off a weird vibe? A judgmental vibe? An IDGAF vibe? Perhaps you are some kind of bizarre otherworldly entity and therefore give off no vibes at all. (But realistically, there’s only like a 12% chance of that happening, so don’t worry.)

1. You’ve just been introduced to someone new. What do you do?

2. What are you most likely doing during a conversation of five or more people?

3. How do you want people to view you?

4. What’s your posture when you’re sitting?

5. Are you typically a tidy person, or a messy one?

6. How do you respond when someone hasn’t seen a movie that you love?

7. Would you ever wear these glasses in public?

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