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QUIZ: Is This a Panic! at the Disco Song or a Robert Frost Poem?

QUIZ: Is This a Panic! at the Disco Song or a Robert Frost Poem?

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Unless you have taken to the woods, all Thoreau-like, you probably know that there's a new Panic! at the Disco album out. You probably also know that Panic! at the Disco is best-known for 1) being the soundtrack to most of our collective teenage angst, and also 2) their song titles, which are novels in and of themselves. (Example: "There's A Good Reason These Tables Are Numbered Honey. You Just Haven't Thought Of It Yet." That's an entire story, Brendon Urie! We haven't even got to the song yet!)

Robert Frost has a lot of poems. Some of them sound like something out of P!ATD's discography of lengthy, emo-sounding bops. Can you tell them apart?

1. "The Piano Knows Something I Don't Know"

2. "The Death of the Hired Man"

3. "From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins"

4. "I Have Friends in Holy Spaces"

5. "A Fountain, a Bottle, a Donkey's Ears, and Some Books"

6. "Spoils of the Dead"

7. "King of the Clouds"

8. "The Pauper Witch of Grafton"

9. "The Trial by Existence"

10. "When the Day Met the Night"

11. "Dust in the Eyes"

12. "We're So Starving"

13. "Goodbye, and Keep Cold"

14. That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed)

15. "Golden Days"

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