7 of the Most Disappointing Endings in Literature

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It by Stephen King

Remember when there were clowns running around in real life? (Why did that happen? When did it stop?) 

Now imagine that we found out these weren’t really clowns at all, but rather giant spiders just pretending. We’d all be a little bit distressed, wouldn’t we? Not because we secretly love having clowns running around scaring the crap out of us, but because a murderous clown is something we could get our heads around. An eldritch and many-legged entity with headlights for eyes? That’s a bigger and altogether more confusing pill to swallow. Looking at you, Stephen King. After all these years, I still can't believe It was a... demon spider, or something. I'm still not entirely sure.

And while you're at it, nix the thing with Beverly. You know the thing I'm talking about.

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