7 of the Most Disappointing Endings in Literature

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My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult

My Sister’s Keeper is everything you’d want in a novel. Heartbreak! Intrigue! A courtroom drama surrounding the ethics of having a child specifically so she can donate blood, tissue, and organs to another!

I first became familiar with My Sister’s Keeper via the film adaptation, which I enjoyed, so I had no idea the novel DOESN'T actually end with a wholesome family visit to Montana and Cameron Diaz going back into law. Imagine how I felt when I learned that Anna DIES. After she SUED FOR MEDICAL EMANCIPATION AT THE BEHEST OF HER SISTER, and then WON THE CASE. The novel raises a ton of complicated questions about morality and life and loss, and then it just throws them out the window.

"Never mind," the story seems to say. "How about, instead of conflict resolution, there's a CAR ACCIDENT? By the way, Jesse's done being an arsonist; now he's a police officer. Good luck making sense of THAT."

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