7 Movie Adaptations Made by People Who Apparently Didn't Read the Book

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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2

It’s one of the biggest issues Potter fans have with the films, besides Dumbledore manhandling his students in a manner best described as the complete OPPOSITE of calm.

The issue: Voldemort’s death, which in the books is a meaningful yet utterly non-magical demise so as to highlight Tom Riddle’s mortality, and the fact that he was only ever a man. Director David Yates, however, decided to take this poignant moment and run with it. “Okay, so Voldemort dies. That’s all the information I need to have,” he presumably said before throwing seven books' worth of backstory out the window and spending half their budget on the special effects necessary to make Voldemort explode like a shrieking piñata.

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