7 Movie Adaptations Made by People Who Apparently Didn't Read the Book

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'A Series of Unfortunate Events'

I know a real live person who just reads the first and last chapters of every book and considers that sufficient. I don’t know how this person wound up in my life, but they did, and I am both fascinated and horrified by them on a regular basis.

I imagine this is what happened with A Series of Unfortunate Events. (The Jim Carrey film, not the objectively flawless Netflix show.) Not only do I feel certain that nobody involved with the movie read the first book to completion, I also feel certain they didn’t read the second or third books at all.

But did that stop them from cramming all three into a single underwhelming film? It did not. The problems with the film were many, but the ones that bothered me most were 1) the overall feel is more “comical steampunk” than “gothic absurdism,” 2) Jim Carrey’s Count Olaf is kooky rather than sinister, and 3) Klaus saves the day in the end, robbing Violet of the chance to do her own day-saving.

Basically, these are things you could only get wrong if you read a couple chapters then asked someone else to tell you what happens in the middle and figured, “Yeah, that’ll do. I got this.”

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