The Breakup Test

The Breakup Test

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So, you got dumped—been there, and it DEFINITELY, DECIDEDLY sucks. But you're SO over them. You're totally, completely, 100% over them. Any second. Seriously, you always cry at Mentos commercials. Okay, maybe you're not completely over your ex, but this quiz will help you determine exactly how over them you are. This quiz will always be here for you. Unlike Craigmandora, or whatever your ex's stupid name was. Who can even remember? NOT YOU. (Shhh, it's okay. Just take the quiz.)

1. You’ve been listening to a lot of ____ lately.

2. You can most often be found...

3. You hope your ex is...

4. The animal you relate to most is the...

5. Say your ex’s name out loud. How did it feel?

6. What’s one thing you wish were different?

7. Other romantic prospects:

8. What color is your mood?

9. Where are your relationship mementoes?

10. You're craving a...

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