Answer These Would-You-Rather Questions and We’ll Guess Your Hogwarts House

Answer These Would-You-Rather Questions and We'll Guess Your Hogwarts House

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There's nothing like a really good, really tricky would-you-rather question to test the content of a person's character. I especially like to bust them out at parties. "I like your shirt," I might say to a person I just met. "By the way, would you rather know when you're going to die, or how you're going to die?" (If they'd rather know when, I cut the relationship off right then and there. I don't need to be hanging around with lunatics who would rather live each day counting down to the moment they inevitably shuffle off this mortal coil.)

Since would-you-rather questions are so illuminating, I think it's possible to guess a person's Hogwarts house based on how they respond to them. It's not an exact science, except yes, it totally is. I don't care if you think you're a Slytherin; if the quiz says Hufflepuff, you're a Hufflepuff now. End of story, thank you for your time.

1. Would you rather be able to read minds or see into the future?

2. Would you rather be able to instantly detect any lie your hear, or get away with any lie you tell?

3. Would you rather go back in time to meet your ancestors, or go forward in time to meet your descendants?

4. Would you rather get $1 every time you compliment someone, or $20 every time you hurt someone's feelings?

5. Would you rather have too many friends, or too few?

6. Would you rather have to give up your favorite food forever, or never watch your favorite movie ever again?

7. Would you rather do something terrible but nobody knows, or have everyone think you did something terrible but you’re innocent?

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