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13 of the Worst Texts to Accidentally Send Your Crush: Part 2



Typically, sending a text to the wrong person is at best hilarious and at worst embarrassing. But sending a wrong text to a CRUSH is a living nightmare. Your heart stops. Time slows. Everything else fades to black and then it’s just you, your treacherous phone, and that ill-advised text you released thoughtlessly into the world.

I once sent a text about sexy clowns to a crush. I made a whole slideshow about it, and since then I have thought about it roughly 6,043 times, usually while lying awake at night and trying to fall asleep.

I’ve decided to make another slideshow to remind myself that things could always be worse. Here, then, are 13 MORE of the worst texts to accidentally send the person you very much want to make out with.

Topics: Life
Tags: texting, crushes, awkward situations, awkward things, embarrassing things, funny things, social media, texting your crush, talking to your crush, embarrassment, "whoops" doesn't begin to cover it

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