Every Jane Austen Novel, Ranked from Worst to Best



#3. The beautiful and melancholy… Persuasion!

I have fond memories of this book (check), the characters had a good dynamic (check), but the shipping? The shipping, for me, was lacking. (Gasp!)

I know, I know. Anne and Frederick Wentworth are made for each other, and how dare I not ship the two Austen characters who are closest to having an actual ship (what with Captain Wentworth bring a Navy man and all).

But the romance just didn’t compel me as much as I wanted it to. Here’s a quick rundown: Anne and Frederick Wentworth used to be young and in love… that is, until she was persuaded to reject him because he was poor whereas she was the daughter of a baron. Years later, the situations are reversed: Anne’s family is now poor, and Wentworth is a rich, famous Navy captain. There’s agony, there’s longing, there’s anger, and there’s hope. A lot of people are named Charles. (Okay, so it’s only two, but it felt like more.)

Basically, I wanted to like this one more than I did, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a fine book.

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