Every Jane Austen Novel, Ranked from Worst to Best



#4. The clever and carefully crafted… Emma!

This one took a little while to grab hold of me, but when it did, it was a breath of fresh air. Emma’s character is difficult. She isn’t a damsel in distress, nor a Cinderella awaiting her prince. She’s real, but she’s flawed, and has a very high opinion of herself. She’s like a fine horse that fancies itself a unicorn—one that’s really good at matchmaking.

Quick summary: there’s this pretty rich girl (Emma) who wants to play matchmaker. She meddles with Harriet’s love life—and fails. She flirts with Frank, a guy she’s not actually interested in—and fails. She says she herself never wants to marry—and fails at that, too. Are you sensing a pattern here?

Just kidding. This story isn’t really about failure. Instead, it’s a sweet tale about growing up and learning from past mistakes with a happy ending thrown in just for good measure. As for the 3-Question Character Test, which is not a thing yet but it will be, here are my thoughts:

Do I have fond memories of the characters? Kind of.

Did the characters have a good dynamic? Yes.

Did I ship the OTP? Yes and no.

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