7 Fictional Characters Whose Names Give Away the Story



Seneca Crane from 'The Hunger Games'

Remember Seneca Crane from the first Hunger Games movie? I’m sure you do. You must. He was the Head Gamemaker, and his labyrinthine beard was always toeing the line between "impressive" and "flat-out ridiculous." He just wanted to make a televised death match fun for the whole family, and what did he get for his efforts? Forced to eat the death berries, that's what.

In the novels, Seneca Crane’s fate is only alluded to. In the movies, it’s much less subtle. He's locked in a room with nightlock, and we're left to assume he was forced to kill himself—not unlike his namesake, Seneca the Younger, who was a Roman adviser to Nero and was sentenced to die by suicide.

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