20 Questions You MUST Ask Your Crush Before Dating Them

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14. Here's the situation: YOU'RE CAPTAIN AMERICA. You fall in love with an amazing woman, but then a bomb blast hurls you into the freezing waters of the Arctic, and you wake up 70 years later to find that your beloved is now a senior citizen, whilst you are still young and indecently sexy. You then meet HER NEICE—a ladyboss who's all foxy and good at roundhouse-kicking people in the face and frequently says mildly salacious stuff like, "My dead aunt gave me my first thigh holster"—and you begin to feel FEELINGS again. Would you be comfortable making out with said niece, or would your unwavering moral compass prevent you from partaking in a mack sesh

15. Who is the straight-up SEXIEST character in fiction? (If you want to pick someone from a movie, that movie better be based on a book, or believe you me, we are going to have PROBLEMS.)

16. In what situations, if any, do you feel that the use of the sectumsempra curse would be justifiable? Would you consider using it on Dolores Umbridge? Bellatrix Lestrange? Ramsay Snow? STOP HIDING BEHIND YOUR MORALS AND ANSWER ME.

17. Would you rather know what day you're going to die, or what day you're going to find true love? Please feel free to make obnoxious finger-guns and say, "Well I already know the second one, because it's the day I MET YOU." But then after you do that, give me a serious answer.

18. What are your thoughts on potatoes? Like, boiled, mashed, stuck in a stew, etc. It goes without saying that we're talking fried, too.

19. On a scale of 1-10 (1 being "frankly, I think Spock is overreacting" and 10 being "Picture me facedown on the bathroom floor, wracked by sobs, and you may begin to have the SMALLEST understanding of the devastation that scorched my world that day"), how hard did you cry at this moment in The Fault in Our Stars?

20. J.K. Rowling pronounces the name Voldemort as “Vol-duh-mor.” How do you pronounce it?

What other questions would you ask to establish beyond a shadow of a doubt whether your crush is truly worthy of your affection, or is just some illiterate jerk with nice facial features? 

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