20 Questions You MUST Ask Your Crush Before Dating Them

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7. What are your feelings about the name "Albus Severus"? Be honest. Let it all out.

8. You are in possession of all three Deathly Hallows (the Sorcerer's Stone, the Elder wand, and the invisibility cloak). You can keep two of them, but you must give the third to the James Moriarty, a charming but truly evil psychopath. Which two do you keep?

9. Who’s your favorite John Green character and why is it Augustus Waters?

10. Describe Donald Trump in 2-4 words, one of which much be a food (e.g. “mangled apricot hellbeast,” “righteous waffle of justice,” etc).

11. Rank the following bromances in order of who you’d most like to take a road trip with: Stucky, Winter Falcon, Freebird.  (If you don't know what those words mean, then A: I am very disappointed in you, and B: They refer to, respectively, Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, Sam Wilson and Bucky, and Steve Rogers and Sam Wilson.)

12. If I were dying of starvation during a rainstorm in front of your family bakery, would you hurl a burnt loaf of bread in my general direction like an absolute ass-clown, or would you politely hand me a box of flower cookies that you had painstakingly decorated with buttermilk frosting?

13a. Do you consider me more of a Frodo or a Samwise?

13b. Really? Really? No but seriously, REALLY. You don't get take-backsies after this.

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