20 Questions You MUST Ask Your Crush Before Dating Them

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1.  If given the chance, would you save Rue’s life, or Dobby’s? If you refuse to choose one, they BOTH die. Do you want that blood on your hands? DO YOU?!?

2. What are the last three shows you Netflix-binged, ranked from best to least-best?

3. You've been marooned on another planet with no hope of rescue, but with enough food and supplies to survive for 40 years. Would you rather spend that time with James "My finger guns are as dorky as my smile is seductive" Kirk, or Leonard "I might have a sensitive gag reflex, but I also have a med school degree and undeniable sexual magnetism" McCoy?

4. Have you ever been told that the sound of your chewing is so irritating that those around you would rather cast themselves into the fires of Mount Doom than endure it for one second longer?

5. If the Doctor showed up right now in the TARDIS, when and where would you want to go?

6. Keeping in mind his relationship with James, his relationship with Lily, his time as Death Eater, his decision to switch sides and become a spy for Dumbledore, his relentless bullying of Harry, Neville, and Hermione, his final sacrifice, and the form of his Patronus, is Severus Snape a hero or a douche-canoe? Defend your answer.

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