Harry Potter's 8 Luckiest Breaks

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#5: That wand tho

Harry Potter has always worked hard to protect himself from a wealth of dangers, becoming a competent wizard along the way. Benefiting from a bit of luck here and there doesn’t undo that. Through everything, he manages to keep himself and his friends safe. all that hard work necessary? At times, it seems like it might not be. Like maybe he could just kick back and relax while inanimate objects save the day for him.

In The Deathly Hallows, when leaving the protection of Privet Drive, Harry and co. are set upon by Voldemort and the Death Eaters. Despite his best efforts, Harry’s wizardry skills are no match for the Dark Lord’s. When Voldemort casts a spell to kill Harry, his wand independently steps up and saves the day. How convenient! And this isn't the first time—in Goblet of Fire, Harry is saved by the fact that his wand shares a core with Voldemort’s. To think! Here he’d been stressing all that time, trying to learn how to do things himself.

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