6 Insanely Bizarre Literary Sequels You Never Knew Existed

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There's a sequel to 'The Shining' called 'Doctor Sleep'

I know I’ve been down on a lot of these sequels, so let's end on a positive note. Doctor Sleep—Stephen King’s sequel to The Shining, published in 2013—is actually quite good. Still, it’s a 500-page horror novel, so it’s also completely nuts.

The book follows Danny, Jack and Wendy’s son who has psychic powers. He’s haunted by ghosts, and he develops a telepathic bond with a girl who predicts 9/11. I won’t spoil it too much, but there’s a cult of quasi-immortals, a cat who can sense when people are dying, and some good old-fashioned astral projection just to bring it all home. So if that's your thing, you should totally swing by your nearest Barnes & Noble and pick up a copy. It's better than Dracula the Un-dead, at any rate (but in truth, most things are).

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