6 Insanely Bizarre Literary Sequels You Never Knew Existed

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There's a sequel to 'Les Misérables' called 'Cosette'

There is an unofficial sequel to Les Misérables called Cosette, and it was written by a woman named Laura Kalpakian back in 1995. Victor Hugo’s estate has a history of trying to stop people from writing sequels to Les Misérables, which feels like important context given what I’m about to tell you.

The book begins with the fall of the barricade and chronicles Cosette’s life afterward, which involves a lot of Marius going in and out of prison for some reason. The villain of the story is Éponine’s sister, Azelma, who holds a grudge against Marius and Cosette because she feels they’re responsible for Éponine’s death. To get back at them, she has sex with LOUIS-NAPOLÉON (???) (HE WAS NAPOLÉON’S NEPHEW WHO BECAME THE FRENCH EMPEROR) (WHAT), has a daughter with him, names her Éponine, and gets her to marry the son of Marius and Cosette. Javert is there for a while, and his dialogue is hilarious. Valjean is also there, and he has big hands, which the author feels the need to point out multiple times. 

Don’t lie—if you were Victor Hugo’s estate, you would have tried to put a stop to this one, too.

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