6 Insanely Bizarre Literary Sequels You Never Knew Existed

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There's a sequel to 'Paradise Lost' called 'Paradise Regained'

People these days like to say, “The world is nothing but sequels and reboots now!” to which I like to say The world has ALWAYS been nothing but sequels and reboots. Even all the way back in 1671.

The story of how Paradise Regained happened is kind of funny. John Milton had this friend, Thomas Ellwood, whose review of Paradise Lost was as follows: “Sure, John, you’ve got a lot to say about paradise lost, but what about paradise FOUND?” I like to think he was making a joke, but Milton took him at his word. He immediately went about crafting another biblical epic. The thing is, Paradise Regained isn’t so much “epic” as it is “boring.” It’s 2,000 lines about the temptation of Christ and reads like a Dora the Explorer episode, wherein Satan repeatedly tries to tempt Jesus, Jesus says the blank verse equivalent of “Swiper no swiping!”, and Satan says, “Aw, man!”

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