9 Fictional High Schools, Ranked from Most to Least Accurate



#5. Beacon Hills High School from 'Teen Wolf'

At Beacon Hills, students regularly go missing, and when they return they’re suddenly really fast and good at sports. In addition, a janitor is killed at least once a week. The reaction to this is pretty much a simple, tepid “Well, that’s a Tuesday for us.” There are numerous deaths within the halls of the school, usually at the hands of “some animal, like maybe a mountain lion or something,” but the students of Beacon Hills are never in enough danger that the principal will cancel the big lacrosse game.

Are these things the BIGGEST inaccuracies in a show that has werewolves, particularly werewolves that were designed by someone who has clearly never seen an animal before, much less a wolf? No. But it needed to be said.

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