9 Fictional High Schools, Ranked from Most to Least Accurate



#6. Liberty High from '13 Reasons Why'

One of the things I thought 13 Reasons Why completely nailed was the boring familiarity you have with your fellow students when you’ve been a part of the same school district your entire life. In far too many movies and TV shows, a kid will say something to the effect of “My name’s Mike? We have three classes together? We’ve known each other for twelve years?” and the other person will be like “Mike, you say? Huh. It rings a bell.” 

In 13 Reasons Why, all the characters at least vaguely know each other, which is evident from the way their first interaction is usually marked with a genial nod and a “Hey, Clay,” instead of a “Who are you? Why do you know my name? We go to a school of 500 people max but somehow I’ve never seen of you before in my LIFE.”

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