9 Fictional High Schools, Ranked from Most to Least Accurate



#9. Hanover High School from 'American Vandal'

American Vandal is a satire of true-crime shows and one of the most accurate portrayals of high school I’ve ever seen. It’s about a student named Dylan Maxwell who stands accused of vandalizing all the cars in the teacher’s parking lot, a crime that sophomore filmmaker Peter Maldonado thinks he may not have committed. 

The actors look like teens (some of them look 12, others like they’re 20, which tracks) and they act like teens, but not stereotypically so. The characters have so much depth and are just so believable that you’ll look at someone like Dylan or Alex Trimboli or Christa Carlyle and you’ll say, “I have met that exact person.” The premise of the show is absurd, but it’s perfectly balanced against a high school setting so authentic that you’ll find yourself wondering if the whole thing wasn’t actually cobbled together by some fifteen-year-old named Peter with way too much time on his hands.

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