9 Fictional High Schools, Ranked from Most to Least Accurate

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#1. North Shore High from 'Mean Girls'

Despite not having any werewolves or murders or inexplicable teenage drug rings, Mean Girls is somehow the most quotable but least accurate high school movie of them all—and honestly? I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The movie absolutely NAILS the nuances of high school melodrama, intra-clique conflict, and psychological teenage warfare, and it does this by blowing them completely out of proportion. The result is a high school experience that is both wildly inaccurate but also somehow extremely authentic. None of this stuff happens in real life, not even a little bit, but the dynamics of teenhood are so familiar that it RESONATES. Suddenly you’re overlooking the fact that a 25-year-old Lindsay Lohan just asked to use the bathroom pass and you’re thinking, “Maybe MY school will deteriorate into an all-out brawl after someone leaks the Burn Book!”

Mean Girls is the quintessential teen film, the god-tier high school flick—the Regina George of coming-of-age movies, if you will. It's not 100% accurate, but it has cemented its role in the cultural zeitgeist in spite of this fact, which is an accomplishment all its own.

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