Pick 5 Movies and We'll Tell You How You'll Do on Your AP Exams

Pick 5 Movies and We'll Tell You How You'll Do on Your AP Exams

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The time is now. After a whole year, multiple breakdowns, and countless practice DBQs, it’s time to finally discover just what it is you learned in those AP classes you only took because your advisor said you could get college credit out of it. (Never mind that those exams are HARD, and your advisor neglected to tell you EXACTLY HOW HARD.)

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could know ahead of time if you’re going to a) do well, or b) fail so hard that you bring shame on your family and die in total obscurity? It would. It would be nice. Thus, I present to you this quiz. Pick 5 movies and we’ll tell you how you’ll do on your AP exams.

1. Pick a teen movie.

2. Pick a movie that makes you cry every time you see it.

3. Pick a Marvel movie.

4. Pick a movie you definitely watched in school.

5. Pick a movie you wouldn’t want to watch with your parents.

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